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Price: $33.75 - $24.99
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Comfortable Grip: The controller grip compatible with Quest 3 is made of soft silicone material, which helps to avoid excessive pressure or discomfort on the hands, allowing for prolonged gripping without fatigue or discomfort. The texture of the grip provides enhanced friction, preventing the controller from slipping or sliding during use, offering a better grip and control.
Perfect Controller Protection: The controller grips cover prevents accidental slipping of the controller during gameplay. The customised design for the Quest 3 ensures that the grip cover fits snugly over the controller, effectively protecting the touch controller from scratches, knocks and other everyday damage. The reserved hole accommodates the original wrist strap, adding extra protection and stability.
Versatile Adjustability: The nylon Velcro straps on the wrist joint allow for easy fixation and adjustment of the length and tightness of the wrist strap compatible with Quest 3, catering to different hand sizes. The rotatable rivets can slightly adjust the angle based on different hand sizes or gaming actions, allowing for smoother hand movements. This not only provides a stable and secure grip but also reduces the possibility of hand discomfort and fatigue.
Easy Installation and Removal: The one-piece design of the controller grip compatible with Quest 3 makes it easy to install and remove. The package included: 1 pair controller grip covers with knuckle straps, 1 pair battery compartment cover and 4 plastic battery pull tabs(Two of them are already mounted on the battery cover). Please Note: Batteries not included!


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