TV Ears Digital Wireless Headset...

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Price: $199.99
(as of Jan 03,2024 15:18:14 UTC – Details)

POWER-PACKED PERFORMANCE: TV Ears with Twice the Transmission Power. Ideal for wireless TV headsets for seniors. Get clear, crisp sound with this advanced device. Troubleshooting tips included. Unleash the full potential of your TV audio!
DOUBLE THE POWER: Elevate your TV Ears experience! Our wireless TV headsets for seniors offer twice the transmission strength. Crystal-clear audio for TV enthusiasts, with an easy system reset guide. Enjoy top-notch sound today!
ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT SENIOR TV EARS: Discover wireless TV headsets designed for seniors. Featherlight comfort at 2 oz. Enjoy TV without disturbing others. Lasts 6 hours on a full charge with TV Ears Genuine replacement batteries. Ideal for seniors.
DUAL HEADSETS FOR SHARED VIEWING: TV Ears presents two wireless headsets with separate volume and tone controls, perfect for seniors and anyone seeking a customized, uninterrupted TV experience, designed for analog TVs. Enjoy without disrupting others.


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