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Price: $89.99
(as of Dec 09,2023 22:32:22 UTC – Details)

100% Diamond Abrasives – This versatile straight-edge, ceramic knife serrated knife sharpener uses proprietary diamond abrasives, the hardest natural substance to quickly and easily sharpen edges; Operates at 60dB to 80dB. Diamond sharpening material for both metal and ceramic knives.
15-Degree Edges&Energy Saving Motor – This electric sharpener applies an ultra-sharp edge to 15-degree knives and easily converts 20-degree knives to a finer 15-degree edge for easier cutting. German imported motor, strong power but more energy efficient.
Full Length Edge&Elastic and constant force design – Flexible spring guides hold the blade at the ideal angle during use, resulting in longer-lasting, arch-shaped edges down the full length of the blade. Elastic and constant force design for uniform and powerful sharpening. Each blade is equipped with a safety guide track to safely protect your blade surface from scratches.
Easy To Use – Knife sharpener comes equipped with a simple on/off switch; First time sharpening requires approximately 30s; Resharpening takes approximately 10 seconds. 4-8s for metal knives and 6-10s for ceramic knives. Note: The knife should be pulled back evenly immediately after bring placed in the sharpener. Do not push forward.


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